Our retrospective of the 2014 season moves on to the second half of July over the up-coming weekend.

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With her wet (snowy)
weather coat in place, our
diminutive heroine is ready
for a romp in winter snow.

Truth be known, she'd far
rather have stayed curled-up
on her nice, warm couch.
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Today in 1961

The Shirelles became the first girl
group to have the number one song on
the Billboard Hot 100
chart when
their new release entitled "Will You
Love Me Tomorrow" reached the top.

The ladies would go on to place ten
more hits in the Top 40. Th
is one,
incidentally, would
reach #4 in the UK.
January 30th
This day in History
Celebrating 30 years on the air:
1983 - 2013
New Casting Call !!

CruisinBruce.com has been contacted by a film
company working a Boston-based project late this
winter and into ealy spring.  A wide range of
vehicles, spanning 1969-1992 are sought, along
with their owners/drivers to be paid as extras.  
Interested ?  Contact Anthony at:
Be sure to include Driver's Name & photo, photo
of car(s) and phone/email contact.
Now on the Calendar Page...
A sneak preview of this season's
already-confirmed events in the
CruisinBruce 2015 schedule, thru
Independence Day.  The second half
of the season & weeknight cruises to
fill in over the next couple weeks.