Few names in the area are as closely-associated with
automotive performance as John Conti, Sr.  With
almost 50 years experience under the hood...nobody
can help you get more out of your wheels.

At Conti's on Warwick Ave, near the
Cranston-Warwick line..John & his sons specialize in
performance & restoration, while working on all
automotive projects with the latest diagnostics.

One thing that anyone in their long-term customer
base will tell you--they're not corner-cutters.  If you're
looking for someone who truly understands what you
want from your ride..AND can do it right, call Conti !
When you like pushing
down as hard as you
can and slammin'
through the gears, you
just can't leave your
ride's performance to
chance.  You want a
master tech. You NEED
to know John at
Conti Auto Service &
Vandi's NAPA Auto Parts
Verity Automotive
Steve Peluso has long been one of
southern New England's most-reliable
sources for classic auto repair.  Specializing
in transmissions, but handling all aspects of
antique auto repair (and modern cars, too),
you can count on Peluso Precision
Automotive to keep your old wheels rolling.

From the new, more centrally-located shop
at 93 Blackstone St. in quiet Mendon,
MA...Steve is ready to tackle whatever the
problem that keeps the classic that means
so much to you riding care-free.

Many is the time CruisinBruce has turned to
Peluso for automotive help.  You can too,
with confidence !  
Call 508-478-8900.
Rest in Peace, Joe G.
Many people turn to Cruisinbruce.com for info
regarding local businesses which are "old car
hobby-friendly."  Does this describe yours?  
If you're interested in advertising on this site
with the option of a direct web-link...

please contact us for more information:
*Machine Work
Attention to detail means more "under the hood" than
anywhere else on your car.  Need proof ?  Imagine just a
couple extra thousands-of-an-inch gap in your rings !

Details are what it's all about at R&R Machine Shop of
Warwick.  With over 75 years combined experience, Ron and
ASE-certified master technicians Steve and John at R&R can
handle absolutely ANY part of engine-work & rebuilding
efficiently and ON-time !

When I've got the hood of my '69 Torino GT fastback open at a
cruise-night, take a peek.  All the "serious" work on that 351
4-bbl. was done by R&R.  In fact, it was done almost 15 years
ago..and still today, it runs as strong as ever !

R&R covers:
Cylinder head rebuilding                     Complete balancing service
Main line honing                                   Connecting rod reconditioning
Lower block reconditioning                 Flywheel Grinding
Various pressing operations                High Performance Engine Rebuilding
Marine engine rebuilding
R&R is at 50 Clorane St, just off Sandy
Lane near Wilde's Corners in Warwick
(A couple hundred yards off of Rt. 117)
Call R&R Machine Co. in Warwick at
Next time you're at a CruisinBruce
Car-show, take a closer look at the
trophies.  Turn one over and you'll probably
see the Rainbow Creation Logo.  

There's a reason why more area clubs and
organizations go to Rainbow...simply put,
nobody does it better than Joe Filipe and his
crew.  With the latest technology and
designs in awards, trophies and plaques,
Rainbow can make your awards-ceremony
the most memorable ever.

When I see the Rainbow logo on trophies at
one of my shows..I know it's gonna be a
great afternoon.

Yes, recognition can come in many forms..
..and Rainbow has the greatest variety
anywhere !
Car-Related-Biz Listings
*Automotive Artwork
CruisinBruce.com is proudly
brought to you by:
Protecting your collector vehicle takes more than wax and a clean
rag.  Real protection means being sure that all the time & money
you've spent will never been in vain.

The Sacchetti Agency has covered every one of the 20 classic
vehicles which CruisinBruce has owned over the past 15 years.  In
fact, Sacchetti's rates were so much less, with customer service so
impressive that the Sacchetti Agency now covers all the
CruisinBruce daily drivers, plus home and properties as well.  
After all, they're a Full Service insurance agency.

And just as importnat is the fact that the Sacchetti Family is a
long-time supporter of the local car-event scene.  Frequently,
you'll see one of Richard's classic Oldsmobiles or his son Peter's
Corvette.  Supporting the business ventures of our fellow
hobbyists?  It's always been a main goal at CruisinBruce.com !

And now, the Sacchetti Agency is licensed to
handle your insurance needs in 8 states !  Whether
your wheels live in RI, MA or any of the 6 New
England states...plus, Florida and Nevada too for
you snow-birds: now you can carry the
piece-of-mind that the Sacchettis bring.

Would you like to find out more..?
Contact Richard or Peter Sacchetti at:
Sacchetti Insurance

The Sacchetti Insurance Agency
845 Post Road Warwick, RI 02886  
Contact: 401-461-0900

Richard's "pride-and-joy"
1962 Olds Starfire which
started its life in
Hollywood, California.  
The Sacchettis don't just
insure show cars..they
drive them too!  Contact
the Sacchetti Agency via
the web-link below.
Check-out R&R's machine work on the 351 in
CruisinBruce's 1969 Torino GT.  Originally completed in
1997..it still delivers all the performance he needs !
Check out the full line of available awards
from their home-page: just click
Rainbow Creations
*Awards & Trophies
If you've been to modern auto shops that just scratch
their heads trying to diagnose & repair classic vehicles,
you're not alone.  These days, it's more the rule than
the exception !

When you need specialized service for a classic
car...you need a certified mechanic who specializes in
classic cars.  That just makes sense.  For a level of
service that rises to the great care you take with your
special ride, turn to Classic Auto Repair.  When we get
in over our heads in the CruisinBruce garages, we
always call Don in to help.

Verity's services offers expert glass-beading, walnut
shell blasting and small parts cleaning...plus starter &
distributor testing & rebuilding and 20-ton press work
(wheel bearings, bushings, seals, axle bearings, etc).
For larger projects, Don can even perform the work
in your OWN garage !

1953-78 Mopar transmission rebuilding a specialty..
ANY old car question is always welcome !

Rates are very reasonable: just $45/hour.

Contact Don at: 401-231-7816
Disassemble truck including cab and mechanical - Sandblast frame - Sand body
Sandblast misc parts - Stripped roof and sanded - Remove grease and paint chassis, coil springs, rear arm
controls, bumper brackets, and assorted hardware - Strip engine and trans of grease - Degrease all misc
parts of engine, sandblast, primed and painted all parts of engine - Pressure wash engine and trans
mount - Remove brake lines, misc parts near the rear end - Disassemble front suspension assembly, clean
and paint - Clean and paint all springs, knuckles, bolts, sway bar, trans crossmember, hood hinges, etc.,
and apply second coat to chassis - primed, and painted headlight buckets, lower A-arms, steering box,
engine crossmember, and trans crossmember - Seal cab, crossmember, hinges, swaybar and pain rear axle
- Clean gasket on intake manifold, hood block, heads, crank shaft and intake - Being installation of front
end - Remove rusted rocker panels, begin to weld holes in firewall - Degreased, cleaned, sandblasted and
painted rotor, bearings, e-brake, gas, and brake pedals - Install new hardware into calipers then install
calipers - Sandblasted, primed and painted tail lights, reverse light bezels, door latches, steering column,
2 sway brackets, inner/outer tie rod ends, and wiper arms - Cut rust off of rocker panels and fit
replacements - Fit new rockers and weld into place and dress welds - Sanded wheels, exhaust manifold,
panhard bar - Sanded, washed, primed and painted 2 grill supports - Fabricate patch panels for front and
rear window posts, weld and dress - Cleaned and installed new brake lines - Weld in windshield post

Paint rims white - Strip remaining truck of paint, sand fenders - Masked off fenders and clean Sand hood
& cowl - Repair l/f floor, kick panel, hinge pillar, lock post - Washed and primed fenders, cowl and hood -
Install outer rocker panel, cab corner and test fit doors and fenders - Cut all rust from r side, trim and fit
replacement panels, inner rocker, and rocker support and install Sandblasted bed of truck and rearend -
Transmission repair - Fit and install kick panel, lower hinge pillar, repair fire wall, fit and install r/s outer
rocker, make and install all misc patches needed - cleaned lug nuts, and install new radiator and cab
mounts - Repair all dents on tailgate, bond tailgate and fix letters - Fill and sand bed of truck - Begin
prep of undercarriage - Install radiator support, hang nose, cowl, doors, adjust shims for doors and body
shims - Alignment of r/s door, remove driprail, repair rust off roof and rail, reinstall driprail - Finish
aligning all parts to truck - Finish welding and modified door frame - Engine assembly - Valve repair -
Paint engine - Install new hoses - Sand blast brackets - Plastic work on fenders, doors, hood, cab,
firewall gutters, front post, prep for primer - Sand bed and apply 3 coats of filler primer - blocked out
spots and applied final coat of primer - install front shock hardware and rear axle brake lines on chassis -
finish sanding bed, final prime coat and 2 sealer coats for doors, fenders, hood cowl and bed - clean and
mask cab for paint, paint inside cowl - paint cab inside, firewall and underside - mask and wetsand
extension of cab for paint - install doors and align, repair minor imperfections, prep bolts for paint

clean truck, seam seal, apply white base - tape out stripes, roof apply gold paint to entire vehicle
including jams, edges, etc. - paint glove box door, make striker shims, paint shims and bolts -  wet sand
and buff cab and doors - mount cab to chassis - cleaned and installed upper/lower radiator hoses, brake
line, throttle cable, choke cable, alternator and bracket from master cylinder to proportioning value,
cleaned and repaired dash wiring harness, brake pedal, emergency brake, accelerator pedal, interior
firewall pad - prepped and painted brake booster and mounting bracket then installed master cylinder -
masked off air filter housing, sand blast, prep, prime and paint - clean power steering pump in degrease
tank - remove pully and straighten - prep power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and brackets,
prime and paint - refit pully, cement door gaskets and weld bracket to switch box - sand hood, fenders,
mask backside for paint, install steering column, fabricate gaskets for door handles, repair door
mechanism, prep and paint steering column, repair heater box, prep and paint, install brackets for
column, dash work, clean window and moldings and install - install vent window rubbers, starer, battery,
distributor and wires, cleaned and scraped driveshaft for prime and paint - assemble both doors and
customize window tracks to fit windows - install door rubbers - clean and paint radiator and condenser,
install hood hinges and all small parts - prep, paint and install oil pressure lines, coil, bracket, voltage
regulator, condenser, horns, and wiring - finish install of engine - including all misc parts - install all dash
gauges, radio, speakers, etc. - rewire fuse block, and fabricate springs and hardware for shifter on
transmission - install ac, heater, etc. - clean, prep and paint tailgate - weld new header pipe on, install
new exhaust manifold, exhaust system and all misc small parts and fluids - clean and take rust off
drums and shoes - install all chrome, emblems, etc. - paint seat brackets and install all interior including
headliner - buff vehicle and test drive

American Classic Cars & Marine
680 Douglas St
Uxbridge, MA
"Who do you go to for...?"
It's a question that I'm asked frequently at area car-events.    Knowing that I've
dealt with people in just about any auto-related field imaginable, folks ask me to
recommend area individuals and businesses to help them with their automotive needs.

On this page, you'll find some of the products and services around Southern New
England which I've found to deliver everything promised...and then some.  I have
offered a few personal thoughts on each, along with a link directly to the web-site

Assume that any business on this page is one I both recommend and make use of
myself...and remember to let 'em know you found them with Cruisinbruce.Com !
When you’re ready to take your favorite set of wheels to the next
step, follow CruisinBruce's lead and bring it to American Classic.  
Are they detail-minded ?  Consider everything that went into their
recent full-restore of this 1971 Chevy pickup:
Shouldn't the work on YOUR cool ride be that thorough ?
Visit American Classic..just off Route 146 in Uxbridge, near the
MA-RI line.  And keep an eye out as you peruse the facility..you
just might see one of CruisinBruce's rides there for a little TLC !

It's the first thing someone notices when they lay eyes on "your baby."  Face it--long before anyone ever gets
close enough to see how many horses you have under the hood, or that hand-made custom interior...
the first attention-getter is the gleam of that finish from across the display-field.

But how can you keep that shine when mother nature & road conditions are constantly working against you ?
S3FUSION™ Professional Polish contains a special blend of Nano-polymer
molecules..so small, that they can penetrate far deeper than you can
fathom. Once applied, their advanced chemistry allows them to fuse to
each other in a deep bond you can't get with any other product.

I love the way S3 fills in the submicroscopic pores and abnormalities
present in surfaces of my cars without streaking or smearing. Over a
lifetime of old car passion..I think I've tried every polish ever offered--
but none has ever satisfied my need for shine like S3 !
Twice the Shine in Half the Time.  Contact Leo for S3 at 888-91-Shine...or email s3fusion@gmail.com
*Garage Doors
Leo brings the shine
back to
Torino GT ragtop
They're the finishing touch on your favorite
set of wheels.

The paint is just right, the window glass crystal
clear--but what
really makes-or-breaks the
look of your ride is the trim pieces !   
Do they shine or just lay there dull and
oxidized...or worse yet with gouges, creases &
other issues ?  If you've always dreaded the
thought of having to package them up and
send them off to who-knows-where, worried
whether you'll ever see them again, your
solution is right here, close to home.  


Over 25 years ago, Joe Grace started
Brightworks in the heart of Fall River, MA
with an incredible talent for returning stainless
and aluminum trim pieces to a showroom
original look & shine.  Years later, Joe's son
Steve took over and continues the tradition of
craftsmanship, personally handling each piece,
one-at-a-time, until that metal shines like
fresh-out-of-the-factory chrome.  
Take it from me...I
don't let just anyone
work on my '59
Plymouth wagon, but
with one piece of side
trim I was convinced.  
There's no need to
search  the country for
quality trim repair,
straightening and
polishing.  You can
trust Steve for YOUR

I sure do !
*Auto Trim Polishing & Repair
Click here for more info and
before/after pictures:

*Automotive Artwork
At any automotive event, I always need
to look my best.  More importantly, event
organizers and participants need to be
able to easily identify me.  It's precisely for
those reasons that I have my shirts, hats,
jackets and every piece of CruisinBruce
-logo'ed apparel made by Guertin Graphics.

They've been in the business since
1968..now serving the entire area from
their current location on Southbridge
Street in Worcester.  Guertin provides the
highest quality t-shirts and silk screening
along with promotional items and so much

Check out the striking design and quality
of CruisinBruce t-shirts available at all CB
events.  Guertin handles the entire project
from beginning to end in lightning
turn-around time with attention to detail
every step of the way.
Guertin is the area's leading provider
of the finest quality products at
factory direct prices - often imitated
but never equaled.

So when you're looking for great
screen printing, embroidery and
custom t shirts - find out what
CruisinBruce already knows..."After
all these years they're Still Havin'
Fun because they're..."STILL THE
ONE !"

Click here to browse their website
and online catalogs.  Then call or
visit the showroom where they pride
themselves on customer service and
product knowledge, ready to assist
you in tailoring your order.
Click the logo above for
Guertin's web-site
*Auto Parts
Without the right parts for your ride, you're going
nowhere fast.  But who to turn to ?  Let's face it...
when it comes to auto parts, you have dozens and
dozens of choices..but you need look no further
than Vandi's NAPA.

What makes Vandi different ?  It's the people.  From
Mike Vandi to every single person behind that blue
NAPA counter, you deal with professionals.  They
know cars & trucks...they know the parts that make
them run (and stop) the way they should.

It's a little thing we call "NAPA know-how."
But it doesn't stop with modern-day drivers.
Vandi's stayed stocked with the parts you need to
keep your "baby" performing the way it should, too.
I've been going to Vandi's NAPA for years...from parts
for my Torinos to my classic Station Wagons to
everything else I have on the road.  Take it from me..
when the "CruisinBruce Garage" needs the right parts,
the first time...Vandi's is the first and only stop.

Look for Vandi in two locations...

W. Main St. in Dudley, MA

E. Main St. in Southbridge, MA           
*Car Polish
Any "car-guy" will tell you.  
His Garage is his "Castle," and the valuables inside that
castle are only as a secure as the doors that tuck them
safely away..from a one car garage to a whole shop !

How are YOUR garage doors.  Do they latch properly ?
Are they weather-tight and solid and do they look as
good as they should ?

From all repairs to wide range of replacements & new
door installation, residential or commercial...people
have turned to Overhead Garage Door Co. for over
95 years to find quality in both products and service.
As a man devoted to protecting his classic wheels,
CruisinBruce turns to Overhead Garage Door Company of
Worcester and Leominster.  Keeping those wheels away
from both prying eyes and unpredictable New England
weather is of the utmost importance...and Overhead Door
sets all his concerns to rest.

Listen for more about Overhead Door Co. of Worcester
and Leominster on CruisinBruce's morning show at 100
FM "the Pike" every weekday to learn more..and when
YOUR doors need a little "help," just call 508-791-3912
for the genuine, the original Overhead Door.
                                     Rest in Peace, Joe G.
The question we all face...where do
you turn when your "toy" goes into
hibernation ?  You know it deserves
better than your un-heated garage..
or worse yet, that build-it-yourself
tent off the end of your driveway.  

Our beloved toys deserve off-time
pampering from Toy Storage
Solutions.  This pristine,
newly-renovated facility near the
airport and train station in the
heart of Warwick, RI offers the
best amenities you can find !
The facility is fully-heated to keep an optimal
temperature with the latest technology in
surveillance and alarm systems, all in a spotless
venue, guaranteed to stay 100% pest-free.  Best
of all, the sky's the limit There's no "toy" that
can't fit into Toy Storage.  With  14-by-24'
entrance doors...if YOU can steer it, they can
STORE it !  Classics, exotics, bikes, boats, RVs
and more.  When you need quality storage for
your high-end toy, look no further than Toy
Storage Solutions.
Special Introductory Offer:
Reserve your indoor storage space
for just $159/month* !
CALL now: 401-648-8333
*4 month minimum,
up to 15.5' in length
*Storage Facilities

Click Here to check out the
  Toy Storage Solution Website !
55 Jefferson Blvd Warwick,  RI
Check out Etch's artwork renditions of CruisinBruce's 1970
Torino GT convertible and 1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon.
Why not commission an original art-work rendition of your ride ?
Jim Weicherding can create, illustrate and publish
coloring books, sketchbooks and artbooks featuring
Cars, Hot Rods and Cool Trucks for car shows
and cruise nites.

Car Club Custom Publications feature your club's rides
illustrated, with club logos and even incorporate
advertisers and sponsors to offset publishing.

Car Show & Cruise Nite Hosts can promote their events
with Custom Artwork,
CARtoons and
Host Logos for kids to color in.  It gives your show a
professional and custom-designed look to set you
apart from the rest.

Looking for that Attention Grabber design, or cool
handout Promotional Books for events?

Want to know more ?
Contact Jim @
Artwork by Etch (jwpisces14@aol.com)
Or head to his website:
Conti Auto Service & Motorsports - 226 Warwick Ave, Cranston.
401-781-5770 -- 401-941-5577
*Performance Work
CruisinBruce kicks a
couple chords on a
Cobra-427 Axetrix