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2016 Car Show Calendar
The 2016 season
has ended.
Look for a sneak preview of the
next season arriving in early
January, 2017.
Sacchetti: the official classic auto insurance of
CruisinBruce.Com.  Have a classic you need to insure..?  Call
..or ask CruisinBruce at any area event for more info !
American Classic is the only resto & auto repair facility to which
CruisinBruce trusts his classic fleet.
Call 508-278-0020 when your "baby" needs a little attention !
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Spinning oval indicates an all-new event to the CruisinBruce series.
Confirmed Cruise Night Schedule
at Bass Pro Shop
the 9th season
has ended.
Bi-Weekly Cruises
happen at Patriot
Place in Foxboro.
Cruise Nights
at the A&W
the 20th season
has ended.
The A&W is
on Rt 44 in
Greenville, RI
just west of I-295
at McDonalds
the 18th season
has ended.
McDonalds is on Rt 122 in Southern Cumberland, RI
at Cardi's Furniture
the 8th season
has ended.
W Warwick: Route 2 at exit 8 from I-95.
Dates include: April 14 & 28, May 12 & 26, June 9 & 23, July 7 & 21, August 4 & 25*, Sept 1, 15 & 29, Oct 13 & Nov 3**.
* date change due to Patriots' pre-season schedule.  **due to rain-out
at Compass Tavern
the 1st season
has ended.
The Compass
is on Harding
Street near
Kelley Square
in Worcester,
at Pond Pub/Pizza
the 1st season
has ended.
Pond Pub & Middle of
Nowhere Creamery joins
forces with 401-Restos to
bring you RI's newest cruise
on Rt 117 in central Coventry.
(just east of Johnson's Pond)