The 2017 season has arrived !
Look here for new shots the
morning after each event.
Event Scene Photos
Another really good A&W
turnout, despite a few
clouds gathering overhead.

Above: Y
ou never know
what Tom L. will bring
next.  This time ?  An
incredible & elegant 1930

Near Lower Right: Matt,
relaxing with his '64 Olds
Dynamic 88..captured here
in photographic to prove to
his wife "where he WAS

Near Left: This sweet '64
Ford F100 Custom Cab
rolled all the way up from
near southeastern CT.
The owner looks on..

Far Lower Left: It's hard to
look at the inherent
cuteness of a Little Nash
Met and not smile.

Below: Pinstriping the C10.
After a couple weeks of constant cool and's beginning to take its toll on car
event turnout.  This evening was a bit sparse.  

Top Left: A '56 Chevy BelAir rolls through.

Above Far & Near Left: Check out this pair of
Studebakers...a Lark sedan and even
less-frequently seen '64 Champ pickup.

Right: Personal Luxury at its finest, a 1970
Pontiac Grand Prix.

Bottom Left Corner: Admiring an early C3
Corvette coupe.
Thursdays in
Tuesdays in
Wingate Residences
Sat, April 29th
Far nicer than expected...and than it
honestly should be in kick off the
CruisinBruce 2017 car season.

Above: Mike M's Pontiac Grand Ville
convertible had that start-of-the-season
shine, sitting proudly on its whitewalls.

Right: For those who didn't know, the
Cord Motor Co. made a comeback
attempt 30 years after its demise.  This
'66 was once owned by Dick Clark !.

Far Left: Dr. Bodkin's 1923 Ford Model T
took home the day's top prize award.

Near Left: Dick G's breath-taking 1929
Cadillac rolled in from nearby Natick.

Bottom Left: Hard to believe these two
top-end GMs of the early 90s are now
officially antiques !

Below: More classic iron shining in the
unexpected sunshine.  Great day to
cruise Needham, MA.
MassBay Comm. College
Sun, May 7th
Breezy, but with plenty of
sunshine..we dodged bad
forecasts again for a great show !

Above: Chevy & Ford street
rods sit proudly side-by-side.

Left: Amazingly valuable on the
modern car scene are these
original 21-window VW buses.

Near Lower Right: Alot of loving
detail went into this '72 AMC
police car that looked to be right
off the original Adam-12 set.

Far Lower Right: Dave L's
sinister-looking 1960 Buick.

Bottom Right Corner: Mark,
Rich & Chuck...the "Olds boys."
Fridays in
For week #2 of the cruise, the temp
was 25° warmer and the crowd
responded.  It was a busy
early-season evening !

Top Right: This '65 Chevy
convertible already had the top
down for the new season.

Left: Renown collector Tom L.
came in to show his latest project...
a 1929 Rolls Royce roadster.

Lower Right: Only the best-dressed
gearhead details his ride in a
"CruisinBruce" 2017 schedule t-shirt.

Below: Ross P. arrived in style with
his new acquisition...a 34,000
original mile 1953 Cadillac.
Middleboro High School
Sat, May 20th
A sizeable crowd
gathered in the high
school parking lot.

Top Right: A 1970
Mustang fastback.

Far Left: This 1946
Dodge pickup was a
top-25 pick on the day.

Lower Right: This first
generation Camaro had
a wild custom paintjob
that turned many heads.
GMO at Kimball Farm
n, May 21st
After several consecutive years of bad
weather, the Olds club finally caught a
beauty of a day to enjoy a bunch of fine
Oldsmobiles from across the decades.

Above Left: Oldest among the cars on
display was the top-25 winner '36 Olds.

Far Right: A breath-takingly beautiful 1954
Oldsmobile Super 88 sold new for a little
over $2250.  It was one of the nicest on
display this beautiful, sunny day.

Bottom Right: A one-owner '74 Delta.

Lower Left: Special trim & nomenclature
identifies Ted L's '65 Cutlass as a top-of-
the-line 4-4-2 model. A convertible, too !