Our cruise moved to its temporary,
end-of-season home at the old
"Field of dreams." GREAT crowd !

Top Center: A first-year ('67) Camaro
that rolled in from nearby Mass.

Far Left: Dave W. & Dan B. relaxed in
the premium parking section.

Near Left: After chasing it for decades,
Jim N. finally got his bucket-list '58
Edsel..showing it for a first time.

Lower Right: This '40 Chevy street
rod  was freshly in the hands of a new
owner, too !  Nice.

Bottom Right: A pair of cool Mopars,
including auto-parts superstar Mike
Vandi's "Li'l Red express."
25th Auto Fest
Sun, August 20th
Wednesdays in
It may just have been the
nicest day we've had in 25
years of the show.  
Accordingly, a record
turnout arrived !

Left: One tough-looking 1968
Dodge Charger R/T.  Ready.

Top Right Corner: This Ford
street rod was among the
day's superlative winners.

Lower Left: Also among the
day's top-winners was this
1957 Lincoln ragtop.

Bottom Center: A glance at
some of the day's top, top
winners.  The quality of cars
this day was astounding !

Bottom Right Corner: A 1951
Kaiser Manhattan.  Very rare.
Mondays in
With mild weather pushing well
into September..the crowd
continue to be impressive.

Top Left: A first generation
Monte Carlo in black cherry.

Above Inset: This mighty little
import was a 1967
1/2  Datsun.

Above Right: A nice row including
Bill S's 1966 Barracuda, Rick P's
'68 Vette, Burt P's '68 Camaro
and Wayne P's '65 Fairlane.

Bottom Right: Seeing double ?  
Yup..it's two custom '39 Chevys.

Below:Two cool Chevy trucks.
Fridays in
Tuesdays in
Thursdays in
Mid-summer warmth & humidity
greeted a very busy cruise night,
highlighted by the season-long
giveaway winners being picked.

Above: How about this 2-door '56
Chevy wagon..customized "Grease"
style, full on with flamed nose.

Above Right: A lipstick red '78 Chrysler
St. Regis that wore a for-sale sign.

Left: A long row of 50s era Oldsmobiles.

Bottom Left Corner:
Cruiser-of-the-Night went to this
ultra-rare 1930 Marmon straight-8.  It's
one of 5 or 6 known to exist.

Right: This first-generation Chevy II in a
bold metallic bronze appeared to be
quite a bit "more than stock."
Massive late-season crowd packs the A&W on
an evening with the feel of mid-summer !

Left & Above Left: a good comparison of
different ways GM interpreted the "Colonade"
body..a blue '75 Olds Cutlass and a white '73
Chevy Monte Carlo.  Both gorgeous !

Near Lower Left: Dave T's '52 Ford F1 truck.

Far Lower Left: John's "Rockford" Firebird.

Bottom Center: A '67 VW Bug, done-up west
coast-style...period-perfect, it was !

Bottom Right Corner: A row of modern-day
Challengers...carrying the torch for the muscle
era in contemporary times.
As big a crowd as you'll ever
see this far past Labor Day,
it was a great ol' time..

Above Left: '76 MG

Near Lower Right:  What a
rare sight..a 1961 Rambler.

Far Lower Right: Dan, Don &
Don take a closer look at the
second latest find.

Below: This original &
unmolested '65 Valiant was
for sale at $3500.

Bottom Right Corner:  The '65
Country Squire was among
CruisinBruce's favorites on the
The 2017 season continues !
Look here for new shots the
morning after each event.
Event Scene Photos
The weather gods were kind
to us..bringing a fabulous day
to enjoy on beautiful grounds.

Top Left: Mike M's '70 4-4-2
ragtop, top down..of course.

Far Upper Right: Don's 1967
Galaxie convertible and Tom's
1966 Dodge Monaco 500.

Lower Left: Rich Q was joined
by Lou & Rachel R. with a
couple red hot rides; '57 & '63.

Bottom Right: Jim's '47 Ford
(left) was among the winners.
7th Pocasset Cruise
Sat, August 26th
22nd Lions @ Lasalette
Sun, August 27th
It might just have been the nicest
weather day we've had in all the
years of this great show.

Above: One of the rarest AMCs
would be this 1970 Rebel "Machine"
in its factory-original "Big, Mean

Top Right: Gene P's latest completed
project is this radical custom 1961
Ford Econoline Pickup truck.

Lower Right: A long line of Mustangs.

Near Lower Left: The dog-catcher
was one of many cool street rods.

Bottom Left Corner: How about this
elegant and stately Packard coupe ?

Bottom Center: Loads of Camaros.
18th Clements Cruise
Sat, September 2nd
A great way to kick off the
holiday weekend..with the
biggest turnout Clements has
ever had--about 125 cars !

Top Left: Nice example of a
first-generation Monte Carlo.

Above Left: Imperial, 1958.

Far Above Right: When this
one came in, it was a real
show-stopper--a 1915 Model

Far Lower Gith: And then,
there was THIS crew, hangin..

Bottom Left Corner: George
F's sweet little '31 hot rod.

Below: Looking Presidential,
60s-style..this 1963 Lincoln.
7th Bay Spring Cruise
Sat, September 9th
Deep blue skies & friendly
white clouds painted a
beautiful day to show.

Top Right: Johnny P. brought his
new find...this sweet '73 Javelin.

Far Left: A seldom-seen model
these days--1963 Econoline.

Near Left: Virgil M. comes
rolling in with his '74 Nova SS.

Bottom Center: Rick's '55
Packard Clipper was the
Peoples' Choice trophy winner.

Bottom Right: Residents enjoy...
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 16th
With heat & humidity nearing
mid-summer levels, a great crowd
attended this last summer wknd.

Right: This '65 Chevy sedan was a
recent purchase at its first show.

Far Lower Left: Best-of-Show was
this custom-bodied '26 C-Cab.

Near Lower Left: Andy B's '60 TBird.

Bottom Left Corner: Al S's 1969
Chevy Camaro was a top-25 pick.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
8th Big Dawg Pub Show
Sun, September 17th
The fog burned off just in time to
allow for a great day on the east side
of the bay in Middletown.

Top Left: A pair of 60s F-series trucks.  
1964 on th left, '67 on the right.

Left: plenty of race cars turned out,
including this '64 Barracuda.

Lower Right: Yes,a PAIR of Toronados.

Far Lower Right: Ron M's paint jobs are
always show-stoppers.  Check out the
work on his 1955 Chevy.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
16th Fort Adams Show
Sun, September 2
With over 500 show vehicles, it
was the largest CruisinBruce
wknd event of the season so far.

Top Right: A 1961 Chrysler 300.

Left: Ray B. rolls through the Fort
Gateway in his '66 Corvair.

Above Near Right: Some of the
oldest on display for the day.

Below: A row of tri-5 Chevys look
out across the mouth of the bay.

Bottom Right Corner: Kobe,
snoozing in the shade of a '60 Impala