We wrapped up our 21st season of
weekly cruises with the biggest
crowd EVER at A&W.  It turned into
a block party of more than 200 !

Top Right: Mid-60s muscle Corvette !

Above Right: What's a fall cruise
without a potential winter project ?

Lower Right: A REAL Hemi Mopar.

Lower Far Left: Tom L.  brought a
mid-1910s Panhead to gawk at.

Left: The local "Fox Body Mustang"
Crew found their own hiding spot.
A good crowd to send off or first
season on Mondays with St.
Eugene's.  It was a great year !

Above: This two-door '56 Chevy
wagon was a fixture at the cruise all
season long.  Sweet ride.

Near right: The "caterer's '73 Ford
F-series pickup that brought food.

Near Left: That's Danny, Mike &
Dave.  The original three stooges !

Lower Left: This '64 Electra 225 was
showing only about 60,000 miles.

Bottom Center: Another festive group !
Wednesdays in
Mondays in
A GREAT night to wrap the season..including
pleasant skies, big turnout and giant 50/50.

Top Left: A n "E-Body" Mopar rolls through.

Far Above Left: Nicole A. from the Ronald
McDonald House was on hand to accept a check
for this year's charity-drawing proceeds.

Near Above Right: Jody S. has added this recent
VW find to his collection..a '68 Karman Ghia.

Far Above Right: A rarely-seen 1971 Impala.

Lower Left: The usual "Corvette crew" was out for
one last Friday on the season.
Fridays in
Tuesdays in
Thursdays in
A deep, blue sky belied a very chilly night,
thanks to a stiff breeze.  Still a very good
late-season crowd joined in.

Above Right: A 1936 Chevrolet, tastefully
modernized into a great cruiser.

Lower Right: One of "Doc" Hudson's siblings.

Near Left: Where else will you see three
Plymouth Prowlers, all in-a-row ?

Bottom Left Corner: Lots of engine, sticking out
of Ricky F's '66 Mustang Street Rod.

Below: The Four Musketeers, trolling the lots
for trouble.
Biggest last-Tuesday-of-the-year crowd
ever !  Of course, 74-degrees helped...

Top Left Corner: Tom L. showed his new
find..a perfect re-creation of a 1901

Above Far Left: Nick O, chowing A&W style

Lower Left: One of a pair of 1969 Dart
convertibles that rolled in to show.

Lower Right: A 1962 Falcon wagon.  This
one ?  The far more-rare 2-door version.

Far Right: Giving a last-minute shine to
the wheels on the Cavalier convertible.

Below: The front row line beneath the sign.
Amazing.  75-degrees on the first
week on October.  Nobody
wanted the season to end...!

Above : '74 Chevy and '69 Mopar,
relaxing side-by-side.

Far Left: David K's wild custom
1968 Chevy Camaro in green.

Near Left: That's Bob R's '64
Chevelle under the big sign.

Right: John found a spot for his
Mustang by the big flagpole.

Bottom Center: A close-up look at
the mill powering a '54 Packard.  
Yes..count the plugs - a straight 8.

Below: Count all those Mopars
lining up at the main entrance.
The 2017 season has ended !
Look here for final memories
of the year completed
Event Scene Photos
7th Bay Spring Cruise
Sat, September 9th
Deep blue skies & friendly
white clouds painted a
beautiful day to show.

Top Right: Johnny P. brought his
new find...this sweet '73 Javelin.

Far Left: A seldom-seen model
these days--1963 Econoline.

Near Left: Virgil M. comes
rolling in with his '74 Nova SS.

Bottom Center: Rick's '55
Packard Clipper was the
Peoples' Choice trophy winner.

Bottom Right: Residents enjoy...
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 16th
With heat & humidity nearing
mid-summer levels, a great crowd
attended this last summer wknd.

Right: This '65 Chevy sedan was a
recent purchase at its first show.

Far Lower Left: Best-of-Show was
this custom-bodied '26 C-Cab.

Near Lower Left: Andy B's '60 TBird.

Bottom Left Corner: Al S's 1969
Chevy Camaro was a top-25 pick.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
8th Big Dawg Pub Show
Sun, September 17th
The fog burned off just in time to
allow for a great day on the east side
of the bay in Middletown.

Top Left: A pair of 60s F-series trucks.  
1964 on th left, '67 on the right.

Left: plenty of race cars turned out,
including this '64 Barracuda.

Lower Right: Yes,a PAIR of Toronados.

Far Lower Right: Ron M's paint jobs are
always show-stoppers.  Check out the
work on his 1955 Chevy.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
16th Fort Adams Show
Sun, September 24th
With over 500 show vehicles, it
was the largest CruisinBruce
wknd event of the season so far.

Top Right: A 1961 Chrysler 300.

Left: Ray B. rolls through the Fort
Gateway in his '66 Corvair.

Above Near Right: Some of the
oldest on display for the day.

Below: A row of tri-5 Chevys look
out across the mouth of the bay.

Bottom Right Corner: Kobe,
snoozing in the shade of a '60 Impala
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
2nd Davies Tech Show
Sun, October 1st
Quadrupling its turnout from just a
year ago...the day couldn't have been
nicer to start the month of October.

Above Right: The two top cars of the
day were these Chevelles..a '67 & 68.

Lower Left: Sharing some Mopar laughs

Bottom Left Corner: This 1935
Duesenberg was a show-stopper !

Far Right: Bobby, hanging by his '69
Coronet gives us a steely stink-eye.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
Village at Waterman Lk
Sat, October 7th
A low-cloudy start led to a
afternoon.  It was great to be back at
the Village.

Above: Skelvis Presley in a '56 Chevy

Far Left: A visintg Darth Vader took
a liking to Louis A's 1955 BelAir.

Above & Lower Left: The view from
the 2nd level outdoor dining patio was
tremendous.  What a great turnout.

Lower Right: Doug O. and "Bear"
relax behind a sharp '58 Chevy.
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
Briggs Octoberfest
Sun, October 8th
The first notes from the
speakers & raindrops
from the sky started
about the same time.

Top Left: Wendel's '46
Ford took 2nd place.

Left: Bob S. rolls up the
windows on the '59 Chevy.

Below: Tops for the day
was this impressive Auburn
Speedster.  What a ride !
3rd Doyle School Show
Sat, September 15th
A&W Farewell Cruise
Sun, October 22nd