Yet another beautiful Wednesday
..both parking areas were
nicely filled.

Above Left: Ray's 1959 Ford
Galaxie, looking great from above.

elow Left: A '64 Chevy, recently
found in a RI barn.  75k original !

Below: Torino-lover CruisinBruce
enjoyed Some extra 69 Ford action.

Bottom Right Corner: A sub-lime
late-model Challenger rolls through
a busy overflow parking area.
Threatening clouds cleared
narrowly in time..but while it
held back turnout, the range of
interesting cars was no less
exciting this night...

Above Right: Tom LaFerriere,
sponsor, always has something
cool to show..  This night, he
brought a 1906 Stanley.

Far Above Left: A beautifully
original, one-owner 1976 Ford
Gran Torino Elite.

Near Left: A Mid-70s Vette
shows off its mill.

Bottom Left Corner:
CruisinBruce gets a free ride in
the Stanley Steamer.

Bottom Center: This Nash
Metropolitan came wearing
long eyelashes.
The 2017 season continues !
Look here for new shots the
morning after each event.
Event Scene Photos
Beautiful weather spelled the perfect
condition for a massive cruise night
turnout in Foxboro !

Top Left Corner: This '67 Chevy was
absolutely stunning in black cherry.

Above Right: How about the gleam to the
paint of this '62 Mercury.  Nice tail lights !

Below Right: A mini-convention among sponsors...that's Tom
LaFerriere and Rich Sacchetti.

Above Left: From the year the pony paced
the Indy 500, a pacecar replica  Ford
Mustang on great custom wheels.

Bottom Left Corner: Another angle's view
on this big night for turnout.

Below: An early 70s era AMC Javelin in
bronze.  By this point, Javelins started just
below the $2900 price range.
Thursdays in
Tuesdays in
Fridays in
Our biggest Friday night turnout in several years brought over
200 vehicles to join the cruise for early August.

Top Right: Three vehicles that were near the top of the price scale
when they were new...a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker, 1960 Cadillac
and mid-80s era Corvette C4.

Above Right: Rick's '63 GMC Pickup, mild custom.

Far Left: A lightly customized Ford Econoline pickup that got quite
a few looks from the evening's spectator crop.

Bottom Left Corner: A hard working Ford Model TT Truck that
just so happened to be wearing a for-sale sign...asking $10 grand.

Below: His & hers 60s Chevys.  His '67 Chevelle SS sits on the left
while that's "her" 1969 Nova on the right..a recent purchase.
Mondays in
A high cloud cover wasn't enough to
dampen enthusiasm...a great crowd
came rolling in for mid-August !

Above: Long rows of rides on display.

bove Right: This 1967 Mustang Coupe
was nice, simple & all-original.

iddle Right: Dual early 70s Chevelles.

Far Right: Two orphan cars
side-by-side...that's a '56 Imperial right
next to a '59 Edsel.

Bottom Left: Ken & Linda's Camaro.

Bottom Right Corner: As all focused on
Danny's Dart Swinger..Chris P decided
to turn and give the camera the old
"steely stink-eye."
Wednesdays in
One of  best weather days
the show has ever enjoyed
brought out one of its
biggest-ever turnouts.

Above: breath-taking 1931
Lincoln in two-tone green.

Lower Right: DeSoto from
its last production year : '61.

Far Left: Hot Rods lined-up
by the dozen to compete.

Left Inset: Among many
Pontiacs, this '68 GTO
reflects in the hub cap of a
'40s-era  Poncho.

Bottom Left: Looks like the
day didn't end well for
46th Endicott Estate
Sun, July 9th
22nd Hogs & Hot Rods
Sat, July 15th
We started out grey & threatening
but by afternoon..there was plenty
of sunshine to make a great day !

Top Left Corner: Nick O's early
'60s T-Bird, with Joe T's
1st-place winner '39 Ford just

Lower Left: The '69 Camaro
brigade arrives...that's Steve in
front with Dan right behind him.

Bottom Left Center: Thinking pink
with the little bug from CT.

Bottom Right Corner: Peeking
inside the all-new facility.  Wow !
N Scituate Baptist
Sat, July 22nd
Another great turnout in the church lot
on as sunny, summer warm/humid day.

Above: Pam's first-year (1954) Nash
Metropolitan was voted Best-of-Show
among stock originals.  A little cutie.

Right: The unmistakable tail-fin of a
Cadillac..this one, on Mike N's 1969.

Lower Left: A row of Edsels...quite a few
came rolling in to show off for the day.

Far Left: Kevin R took the time to show
his 1973 the original Ford
avocado green.  He's had it since 1981.

Lower Right: Unusual at any show was
Scott 1971 French Citroen.
BalloonFest Car Show
Sat, July 22nd
After a one-year hiatus in '16,
the BalloonFest was back
without missing a beat.  BIG
crowd, yes !

Above: This '63 Thunderbird
ragtop...last year for the
"aero-bird" was among the top

Top Right: This Starsky & Hutch
Torino sat next to a sweet 1948
Chevy street-rod truck.

Lower Right: Heavily supported
by the Corvette Club of RI..there
were dozens & dozens of Vettes.

Lower Left Corner:  The '66
Cadillac convertible in the
foreground, among the day's top
winners, was long & sweet.

Below: Entire groups sat around
to enjoy a perfect evening.
8th Annual 1A Show
Sun, July 23rd
This year's 1A Auto Show grew to its
biggest ever.  Nearly 300 cars
overflowed the field.  Impressive !

Top Left Corner: A perfect tribute to  
Adam-12, '68 Belvedere squad car.

Far Left: This Challenger still wears its
"Gator Grain" vinyl roof.  Quite rare.

Above Right: The 1A crew cheers.

Lower Right: Among the day's top
picks was this '63 VW Bus.

Below: A '71 LTD and '57 Chevy.
4th Annual KoC Show
Sun, July 30th
Beautiful day...biggest turnout yet
in this show's brief history.  What
a great, wide mix of vehicles !

Left: Lou S's 1954 Chevy pickup
was a multi-award winner this day.

Far Above Right: Grocery-getter
1962 Falcon station wagon.  Nice.

Bottom Left Corner: A 1940
Studebaker, and a '36 Chevy that
rolled out with an award in tow.

Bottom Center: This '69 GTO Judge
from Harrisville was best-of-show.
7th Wheels for Wishes
Sun, August 6th
With sunshine and virtually no
humidity, the show at Mishnock
Barn grew to its biggest yet !

Top Right Corner: This
low-mileage '59 Edsel was kids'

Right: How about this '54 Buick
& matching pedal car combo ?

Lower Near Left: A beautiful '55
Chevrolet Nomad station wagon
that was best-in-show.

Far Lower Left: Thanks to the RI
Antique Fire Aparatus for the view

Bottom Right: Jimmy P's 1914 "T"
28th Auto Extravaganza
Sun, August 13th
Rain on Memorial Day forced a
make-up for the RI Street Rods..and
what a perfect make-up day it was.  
Big crowd

Above Left: Doug F's '79 Bill Blass
edition Mark V was a top-75 winner.

Near Right: Check out this pair of 1969
Mopar B-bodies,a Plymouh & a Dodge.

Lower Near Right: Rolls Royce, ca. '66.

Far Right: Mr. C relaxes by his '34 Ford
Street Rod..what a sweet ride !