The 2018 season continues !
Look here for fresh pictures
each morning after.
Event Scene Photos
High heat & humidity took
their toll and held turnout
down under a thousand on
this otherwise nice, sunny
evening at Foxboro.

Above: Among the
evening's featured guests
were members of the Old
Koots Car Club who brought
an impressive couple rows
of classic cars & rods.

Above Left: A mildly
customized 1960 Ford
Starliner.  What a beauty !

Left: This Falcon-based
Rachero looked hot on a hot
night in the lot.

Bottom Left Corner: Also
featured were members of
the RI Antique Fire
Apparatus Society.

Far Right: Cadillac beauty
from the Great Gatsby era.  
Love those red wheels &
wide whites !!
Still hot & crowds
continue to be on the lighter
side...still a hearty bunch came
out for mid-July fun.

Above Left: Rick D's Pontiac (a
'55) next to Rod's 1964 Chevy,
both shined & looking their best.

Left: A long row of classics,
sweltering in mid-season heat.  
That's Steve Q's Mustang on
the near end in the photo.

Lower Left: Richard Q. mounts
ol' glory atop the 1957
Ward-LaFrance Fire Truck and
striking a fairly patriotic pose !

Below: Some of the "usdual
crew," including (from left)
Don, CHris, Chuck & Tommy.  
Smile, boys !

Bottom Right Corner: A 1960
"bug-eyed" Sprite in a
non-factory, but very pleasing
After a week & a half of overheated weekly cruise
nights - finally, we got a beauty, and along with it: our
biggest crowd so far this season.

Top C
enter: This 1952 Pontiac 4-door sedan wore a
for-sale sign as it sought a new home.

Above Center & Right: Just a couple of 1970 models,
from among many, many early Mustangs on display
this particular evening at the farm.

Bottom Left: This racy, early C3 model Corvette took
in alot of respectful-but-envious looks.
It would be impossible to imagine a
night nicer for cruisin' than this one
with mid-July approaching.

A sweet row of Mopars, broken
up by Pick's yellow Corvette.

Near Left: Bob M brought his '49 Ford
convertible, just like the first car he
ever bought, back in the early
60s...for just $90 in cash.

Lower Right: That's Sean Read's
1948 Plymouth convertible.  Flathead.

Below: This nice '74 Chevelle was
showing only about 40,000 miles.

Left: A bunch of the "usual crew"
hanging out near Corvette village.
Weekend events
St. Eugene's
Sticky & threatening
again..but a decent crowd
came out to enjoy this evening

Top Right: h
at's Jerry's '62
Ford convertible.  A
throw-back to the car he
drove in High school, some
50+ years ago.

Far Left: How about this
simple little '72 Cutlass
convertible ?  Nice ride !

Middle Left: Looking down the
long flank of Walter's '59
Chevrolet hardtop.

Bottom Left Corner: First year
of Cougar production...this
1967, complete with its stock
289.  A symphony in burgundy.
Sunday, June 10th
A nice, big crowd came out to
show support for our fine,
furry friends at the shelter.

Above: The view from atop
David V's firetruck.  In the
foreground, Keith B's 1910
Oakland took best-of-show.

Far Left: Looking proud,
poised in front of a beautiful
'57 Chevy convertible.  Nice.

Right: The '72 El Camino on
th left & '68 Mustang
fastback on the right were
both among the day's picks.

Bottom Left Corner: Up Close
with Paul Z's '69 Firebird.

Below: The "Usual Crew."
Sunday, June 17th
Rotary Father's
at the Abbey
A perfect Father's Day brought a
massive turnout.  Nearly 500 show
vehicles stuffed the fields of the
Portsmouth Abbey School.

Top Left Corner: Representing the
last gasps of true woody wagons was
this 1953 Buick.  Just, wow.

Left: Speaking of about
Henry's 1959 Electra convertible ?

Above Right: This 3-hp '58 Corvette
was among the "Kit Car" class entries.

Lower Right: The red 1914
Hupmobile on the left was the Brass
Era division champion.. Amazing !

Far Right: This black, 1928 Packard
won the CCCA class trophy.
Saturday, June 30th
A hot, summer's day  
settled into Webster as
we filled the Place Motor
Ford dealership's lot.

Top  Center: This '63
Econoline Pickup was
among the day's highlights

Right: A '38 Ford firetruck.

Far Left:
A pair of Falcons
side-by-side..yellow '62
sedan and
red '63 ragtop.

Bottom Left Corner: A
couple of the Mustangs
that it made it out to show.

Low Right: Parking brake?
Sunday, July 1st
Another hot day with heat
indeces above 100  saw a
lighter crowd..of truly devoted
car folks strolling the shade.

Above: This front row included
everything from a
less-than-20k-original '59
Edsel to a rare '67 Olds

Left: A Mopar seminar held over
the 273 of Ralph's 1966
Belvedere sedan.  Dan, Dave &
Reggie joined the discussion.

Lower Left: Joe O's 1973
Camaro Z28 won "best
domestic" on the day.

Far Right: As rare as can
be..this mighty little 26-hp
1950 Crosley Hot Shot stole
best of show for the afternoon.

Below: "Gully" of the Newport
Gulls hopped in to enjoy this
sweet T-Bucket on display.

Bottom Right: A one-family
1970 Cadillac convertble since
new, this was the "residents'
Saturday, July 7th
Finally..delightful summer
conditions returned just in time
for a great day in south county.

Above Right: Always a favorite is
Cowboy Bob's 1967 "Chromaro."

Lower Right: Also from
Chevrolet's 1967 lineup came
this full-size 327-Impala.

Near Left: Getting a closer look.

Far Lower Left: This mighty little
Henry J was a gasser.  Literally !

Bottom Left Corner: Joe T (left)
and Rich G. pause to mug for the
camera on a beautiful summer

Bottom Right: Plenty of rods !
Sunday, July 8th
Couldn't have been nicer for the
47th annual show at Endicott
Estate in Dedham.  Big turnout !

Left: A '56 Nomad wagon comes
rolling in to a fast growing crowd

Near Right: A rare sight outside
the iron curtain is this Czech
built 1967 Tatra 2-603,
featuring an air-cooled V8.

Far Right: An actual car from the
filming of "Starsky & Hutch."

Far Lower Right: Courtesy of the
Heritage Museum was this 1916 of just 352 built.

Lower Left: Bay State club
president Drew S's '56 Ford.
Endicott Estate
Saturday, July 14th
Hogs &
Hot Rods
Nicest day for Hogs & Hot
Rods in years & years.  We
turned it into a great block
party full of cars & bikes.

ight: Yes, that's TWO
motors you see powering this
'23 T-Bucket.  Todd's creation.

Lower Right: Not often do you
see a pair of 1967 Cadillac
convertibles side-by-side.

Bottom Left Corner: A 1967
Olds Toronado with a V8-425.

Below: Rows of bikes nicely
aligned on one side with cars
& street rods on the other.