The 2017 season continues !
Look here for new shots the
morning after each event.
Event Scene Photos
First nice-weather Tuesday in
almost a month..and the crowd
responded, big time !

op Left Corner: A pair of
Buicks..This '72 Centurion right
next to a 1938 convertible.

Above Left Center: Speaking of
Buicks, check out the oldest show
car of the night...Tom L's 1913.

Above Right: Torino-time...Tom F's
1970 fastback next to
CruisinBruce's '69 GT.

Left: Danny's street rod settles in
next to Dave's GMC pickup.

Bottom Center: Mike F's little
Datsun "Z" car..known in its native
Japan as the "Fairlady."
For the first time this season, Mother Nature
smiled on Patriot Place to make for a beautiful
evening to cruise Route 1.

Top Left: A
'67 Impala & '77 Cutlass 'S."

Right: John M's rare 1970 Mercury Cyclone,
equipped for a 351-Cleveland 4-barrel.

Far Left: Checking out a 1917 Dodge Bros.

Near Left: The Corvair Club rallied to bring
nearly 2 dozen of Ralph Nader's favorites.

Bottom Right: Turnout spilled into overflow.
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After several straight rain-outs, it
was great to get back to Friday
cruisin'..even with a diminished
crowd due to pre-event showers.

Top Right: AMC's powerhouse; the
AMX.  This bold, green machine
was also wearing a for-sale sign.

Left: Late 60s muscle on display
included this '69 Cougar and 400-
powered '68 Firebird convertible.

Bottom Left Corner: mighty stock
and original was the '37 Graham flat
head sedan.

Lower Right: Don & Linda G. from
Seekonk rolled through in this early
70s Dodge Challenger.
GMO at Kimball Farm
Sun, May 21st
After several consecutive years of bad
weather, the Olds club finally caught a
beauty of a day to enjoy a bunch of fine
Oldsmobiles from across the decades.

Above Left: Oldest among the cars on
display was the top-25 winner '36 Olds.

Far Right: A breath-takingly beautiful 1954
Oldsmobile Super 88 sold new for a little
over $2250.  It was one of the nicest on
display this beautiful, sunny day.

Bottom Right: A one-owner '74 Delta.

Lower Left: Special trim & nomenclature
identifies Ted L's '65 Cutlass as a
top-of-the-line 4-4-2 model. A convertible,
too !
No. Scituate Baptist
Sat, May 27th
With better weather than forecast,
we wound up with a record-setting
turnout to kick off the monthly series.

Top Right Corner:  Something from
each of the big three with a
second-year Camaro..'70 Mustang
and 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner.

Left: Up close with a 1960 Buick
ragtop,,this one ?  A red LeSabre.

Bottom Left Corner: A '58 Edsel
Pacer convertible which was one of
seven Edsels showing off for the
afternoon today.
North Bowl 55th Party
Sat, June 3rd
A great crowd of cool cars...until unexpected showers chased
us home a little earlier than planned.

Top Right Corner:  Not one but two Pontiac GrandVille ragtops.

Above Right:: Up close with the control panel of a 71 AMX.

Far Left: Dave, standing guard over his 1957 Chevrolet hardtop.

Below Center: Andy S's  "shark-nosed" '39 Graham.

Bottom Center: Two extremes of Ford automoptive technology.
LRP 25th Annual Show
Sun, June 4th
Finally..a beautiful weekend
morning, and the cars began rolling
into Newport Grand Casino.

Top Left Corner:  Long and lovely,
a 1968 Buick Wildcat coverible.

Above Left: this '66 Dart GT was
among the day's top-40 picks.

Right: Folks crowd around a 1950
Crosley HotShot and its
fire-breathing 26-horsepower

Bottom Left: A row of club
members' Pontiacs ranged from
GTOs to Catalinas to Firebirds.
2nd Annual KFD Show
Sat, June 10th
Just a fabulous weekend day in South
County..and folks were anxious to come
out and enjoy a car show in the sunshine.

Top Right Corner: This '59 Buick hardtop
in Glacier Green is a recent arrival from
Virginia.  It strikes a mean pose.

Far Above Left: This '57 Mack pumper
once served a small town in upstate NY.

Right: The rare and photogenic Studebaker
Avanti.  This original is a 1963 model.

Far Lower Left: Folks crowd around to
watch the jaws-of-life in action.

Bottom: A row of the top-5 vote-getters.  
The '51 Chevy woody wagon too 1st place.
10th Cause for Paws
Sun, June 11th
It sure felt like summer as we came
together to benefit the animals of
Warwick with a nice, big crowd !

Top Left Corner: Looking out across a
sea of trophies to a well-filled show lot.

Above Left (3): A few of the beloved
canine family members who came to
support their homeless brethren.

Far Lower Left: The RI Antique Fire
Apparatus crew was out to show the
great big trucks..with sirens ablaze.

Bottom Right Corner: Even the kids
had the chance to take a cool Power
Wheels ride for a spin on the road
Even a brief, 10-minute shower
couldn't dampen the spirit of our new
weekly cruise at Fredrickson Farms.

bove Center: George & Diane's '65
Spot Fury on the end of a row of
beautiful classics.

Above Right: An early 40s Hudson.

Left: How often do you see not one,
but two 30s era Grahams at a show ?

Right: Most folks like to find their own
grassy spot in the sunset and settle in.

Below: Check out this row of mugs: A
Rod, a Bob and a pair of Chrises.
9th Annual Vettacular
at, June 17th
Even a steady drizzle during the 1st hour failed to hold folks
back from joining the fun.  By day's end, almost 250
Corvettes rolled through Paul Masse's annual Vettacular.

eft: Paul Masse congratulates from Corvette Club president
Jim Campanini with an honorary gear-themed clock.

Above Right: Rob's '78 is a "silver anniversary" edition
Corvette..replica to that year's pace car at Indianapolis.

Bottom Left Corner: This testosterone-filled Vette featured a
1971 front clip, mated with a '69 rear end.  Oh..and a blower.
61st MotorCar Festival
un, June 18th
A lighter turnout than usual,
thanks to mother nature...bill
still, around 200 cars gathered !

Top Left: Oldest on display was
this curved dash 1901 Olds.

Bottom Left Corner: Are than
any fins more instantly
recognizable than a '59 Caddy ?

Below: A PAIR of Deloreans
delighted Back to the Future fans

Bottom Right Corner: 1958 AC.
Mondays in
A light but solid turnout for this
first night of a new weekly
cruise.  Consider the threat of
on-coming t/storms and it was
a very good start all around.

ear Left: Phil brought out
Gwen's little hot rod Fiero.

Right: '36 Ford street rod..and
absolute beauty on display.

Below: That's John C's drag-
car Chevy II..insanely fast on
the track and fully street legal in
case anyone asks.
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