The 2018 season is here !
Look here for fresh pictures
each morning after.
Event Scene Photos
Sure, a few heavy clouds were hanging
around..but a huge crowd turned out
anyway for another great cruise !

Top Left Corner:
It was a busy night for
Chevy station wagons..with this one
leading the horsepower war.  It's a 1960
family hauler complete with blower.

Above Left: The Rafferty Family 1940
Ford was chosen cruiser of the night.

Left: In his spare time, Santa (seen at
the back) parks his Chevy II wagon at
BassPro and joins the crowd.

Bottom Left Corner: This vehicle was
part car, part functioning helicopter.

Bottom Right Center: Students work
feverishly in the engine rebuilding contest

Bottom Left Center: An 80s-era Monte
Carlo cruises for the right spot to show.
A perfect evening meant a
big crowd on Rte 44 this
time.  WHAT a night !

Above: Jim N. rolled in with
his 4-door '58 Edsel
Hardtop to show off.

Above Left: John R's
pristine 1934 Cadillac
always stands tall & proud.

Far Right: Dan's new toy
had just arrived at his
house, literally, hours
before tonight's cruise.  
What better way to break
in this sweet '72 Chevy
Camaro hot rod ?

Near Right: El Camino
power, circa 1969.

Below: The Mustang boys
were out in full force with
a  mini-show of their own
in the auxiliary lot.
Thickening clouds did little to dampen the enthusiasm for a
great Wednesday to cruise...the "farm" was packed !

eft: It was a great night for Model T's, Model A's and plenty of
way cool street rods...they were everywhere.

ower Left: John O. had his '68 Cougar back out for the first
time in quite a long while.  Looking sweet !

Below (from left) Al, Lou and Danny caucus under the hood.

Bottom Right Corner: Namesake Brenda Frederickson stopped
to pose by her Black Cherry '69 Camaro on its first visit to the
cruise night.  It was one of several '69s to show.
Our biggest crowd in nearly a year
decided to ignore a passing bank of
billowing clouds and came to enjoy.

Above: This burgundy '69 El Camino
SS struck a muscular stance.

Far Left: Check out the work on an
incredibly customized '66 Chevy van.

Near Left: A pair of 1950
Oldsmobiles...a sedan & a ragtop.

Lower Right: Rarely seen, the 1967
AMC Rebel convertible.

Bottom Center: "The Creeps."

Below Right: This '87 Camaro is new
to the local car scene.  Low miles !
Weekend events
St. Eugene's
A tough week at St Eugene's as the
skies darkened quickly and chased
us all out very early.  But we
managed to stay dry !!

bove Left: With recent motor
modifications, this 1970 Corvette
needed a test run.  Where better
than to a local cruise night ?

Above Right: A light turnout as all
kept watching the skies darken.

Lower Left: This '77 Malibu wagon
was sporting a nose off a 1975
Chevelle Laguna.  Great project !

Bottom Right Corner: A couple
more-modern classics
from recent
better weather night
.  The '92 Olds
Achieva SCX-4 was straight from a
GM museum, showing less than
400 original miles !
Sunday, May 20th
Not as bad as the weathermen
predicted..still the threat of ill
weather held down our turnout
for the annual all-Olds event.

Top Left: John K's 1948 Olds
was picked best-of-show.

Far Left: "Dr. Olds" made his
annual house-call at Kimball's.

Near Right: GMO President
Chuck S. welcomes special
guest Betty-Ann Berejik.

Far Right: A rare 1973 Omega.
Saturday, May 26th
Summer arrived somewhat suddenly
with a temp that soared to near 90.  
The turnout was wonderful and the
atmosphere ? Festive indeed !

Top Right: A drop-dead beautiful
1960 Buick convertible in a striking
coat of flawless red paint.

Far Right: Is was a busy day for
Camaros, including this blue first
generation example.

Far Lower Right: Dennis O. from  
West Greenwich rolled in to show off
his pride & joy of more than 20
years.. "Miss Moody," a '40 Olds.

Below: (from left) Chris, Bob, Chris
and Tom were each a top-25 pick for
this sunny and warm afternoon.

Bottom Right: Herb's bright, red '67
GTX won "best restoration" for the
day, while on the other end of this
line..Bobby's 1970 Catalina Station
Wagon was picked "best original."
N Scituate
Sunday, May 28th
While the skies may have
held a few folks
was a good Memorial Day
Monday show turnout.

Top Left: A pair of custom
1950s Ford F-series
trucks roll through the
registration area.

Left: Dick S.  relaxes on
the running board of his
1934-bodied Duesenberg.
It was a top-75 pick.

Above Right: Dead
competitors, here's a
1969 Ranchero (left) and
a '69 El Camino (right).

Lower Right: Dave offers
parking advice to Bob B.

Far Right: Walter
Cronkite's '58 Gogomobile
Saturday, June 2nd
Showers chased us
home a little early, but
not before a great time
at the RConn Airstrip.

Top Right: The full
range of show vehicles
is seen here, from cars
to trucks to motorcycles
to airplanes!

Far Left: "Poison Ivy"
was among the day's
top winning vehicles.

Lower Far Left: This
1940 model was the
oldest plane on display.

Far Right: The "candy
drop" was a highlight
for the families with
kids in attendance.
RI-Conn Airstrip
Sunday, June 3rd
Little Rhody All-Makes Show
Cool for June..but with a
beautiful blue sky, we hit the
Pontiac Club's biggest show
turnout in nearly 20 years.

Left: Joe C. brought his
recent-purchase 1937 Pierce
Arrow Limo.  With a V12
engine, it cost $6000 new !

Near Above Right: This '74
Camaro was a Top-25 pick and
the 50/50 pot went home in it.

Near Below Right: A pristine
1977 Pontiac Grand Prix

Bottom Right Corner: Dino M's
'56 Cadillac was a top pick.

Bottom Center: David B's '68
Chevelle resto project.  Sweet !
Sunday, June 10th
A nice, big crowd came out to
show support for our fine,
furry friends at the shelter.

Above: The view from atop
David V's firetruck.  In the
foreground, Keith B's 1910
Oakland took best-of-show.

Far Left: Looking proud,
poised in front of a beautiful
'57 Chevy convertible.  Nice.

Right: The '72 El Camino on
th left & '68 Mustang
fastback on the right were
both among the day's picks.

Bottom Left Corner: Up Close
with Paul Z's '69 Firebird.

Below: The "Usual Crew."
Sunday, June 17th
Father's Day
at the Abbey
A perfect Father's Day brought a
massive turnout.  Nearly 500 show
vehicles stuffed the fields of the
Portsmouth Abbey School.

op Left Corner: Representing the
last gasps of true woody wagons was
this 1953 Buick.  Just, wow.

Left: Speaking of about
Henry's 1959 Electra convertible ?

Above Right: This 3-hp '58 Corvette
was among the "Kit Car" class entries.

Lower Right: The red 1914
Hupmobile on the left was the Brass
Era division champion.. Amazing !

Far Right: This black, 1928 Packard
won the CCCA class trophy.