The 2018 is winding down !
Look here for fresh pictures
each morning after.
Event Scene Photos
Hot, humid air has plagued the
Tuesday cruise all season.  
This week, the muggies took
their toll on us again.

Above: Looking inside a highly
customized, chopped 1954
Chevy 4-door sedan.  
A very tasteful job.

Right not as many cars in the
continuing heat..but still, a
respectable turnout that drew
quite a wide little variety of
vehicles..muscle cars to vans
and all in between.

Bottom Right Corner: This 5th
generation Cougar was quite
the sight !  Circa 1978, it was
a first-time appearance for
the biggest of the cats.

Below & Left: From a recent
Tuesday night with far better
weather come these pics of
the good time crowd that dry
& pleasant air more commonly
As earlier sunsets begin to sneak up on
us..we're all still having a great time
out on the farm.

Above: Among the last of its kind...this
bright yellow bug was a '74.  It was
just a few years later that these
stopped arriving in America altogether.

Above Right: Dennis C's 1969
Scrambler (one of only 1512 ever
built). At more than $ was a
mighty pricer little Rambler indeed.

Lower Left: Jason C rolled in from
Manville with his mighty little Corvair.

Right: Brenda F. finally dusted off the
'69 Camaro and brought it out to show.

Bottom left corner: Pete's '58 Edsel &
John's '66 Mustamg surround a much
more contemporary Corvette.

Below: A busy crowd...having a blast.
Turned into a gorgeous evening
for cruising...all as the end of the
season rapidly approaches.

Above Small Inset: This '67
Chevelle had so much motor, it
wouldn't all fit under the hood,
which wound up resting on a
blanket on top of the roof all

Above Right: A rare Ford indeed.  
This '68 full size convertible was
on of a little less than 12,000.

Left: This 1960 Chrysler 300F
was one of several dozen visiting
from out-of-state for a national
meet in Newport.  This one had
come from just north of Baltimore.

Bottom Right: The unmistakable
dash cluster of an Oldsmobile.  
This one, on a 1957 model.
Weekend events
St. Eugene's
With the arrival of fall..and
CCD classes at the church, we
move our weekly cruise up the
road to the Field of Dreams,
where we'll remain til the end.

Top Right: Wally M's pristine
'64 Chevy II was out to show.

RIght: Up close & personal
with the ail of Dave's '56 Chevy

Far Left: Dave (green shirt)
and Danny watch over the
scene from in front of their
rides..a '68 GMC & '72 Camaro

Near Left: A sweet 1941 Ford
pickup street rod.

Lower Far Left: This 1949
Willys Jeepster went through a
thorough 7 year restoration to
become what you see.
Sunday, September 2nd
Family Cruise
Bright sun, mild temperatures
and a sweeping view of the bay
& ocean.  Perfect combo !

Top Center: A first generation
Chevy spartan as it came !

Far Above Right: Peter's '57
Chevy pickup was chosen among
the top picks on the day.

Lower Left: "Salt" showed is
early TBird on his 70th birthday.

Near Lower Right: A rare sight of
two Lincolns -- including a '69
Continental and contemporary
Mark III.  Such elegance !

Bottom Center: Two cars from
the Cote collection..a '76 Vette
and a '66 Thunderbird.
Saturday, September 8th
The clouds hung tight for
the day, but we had a
wonderful time sharing
memories with the
residents at Atria.

Above Left: A trio of Fords,
from 1967 to '63 to '65.

Top Right: This rangoon
red'68 Mustang fastback
carried a V8 302 from its
first year of production.

Far Left: Dave's '55 Chevy
sedan was fresh from a full
restoration at American
Classics and looked great !

Bottom Center: Ricky &
Karen G. won "best
antique" with their 1955
Packard Clipper.
Sunday, September 9th
1A Auto Show
in Pepperell
After years as a mid-summer show,
1A moved their event to cooler times
and succeeded BIG time.  Temps
barely got above 60 all afternoon.

Above Left: The ever-distinctive front
design of a 1965 Buick Riviera,
complete with its trademark "clam
shell" headlights.

Far Left: Among the more rare
trucks..this Plymouth pickup was a

Near Left: '63 Belvedere 426-wedge

Above Right: Quite the German
invasion with a row of VWs.

Lower Left: This '57 Oldsmobile was
the judges' top among all 1950s cars.

Below: Best-of-Show 1962 Corvette.
It seems like it rained
everywhere but Foxboro
for what wound up as the
lightest turnout of any
night this season

Above: Steve P. came up
from West Warwick and
wound up returning home
with the
cruiser-of-the-night award.

Above Left: This
hard-working pickup was a
1961 Chevrolet.  A very
rare truck to find these
days, for sure !

Lower Left: SPeaking of
old time trucks, how about
this 1965 that was
available for sale.

Above Near Right: A '36
Ford sits alongside a pair
of first generation

Far Right: A rough &
original 1955 Buick sedan.

Near Right & Below: crowd
on a great, recent night.
Saturday, September 15th
Father John
V. Doyle
School Show
A day that started with fog & a
little mist slowly turned sunny &
pleasant for our best show yet in
its 4 year history.

Top Right Corner: A 1960 Chevy,
shining bright in white.

Far Left: This baby blue 1956
Cadillac convertible was a top25.

Near Left: After a long absence a
4-door '62 Fairlane returned.

Right: Father Flemming, drying
off from his time in the dunk
tank, addressed the crowd.

Bottom Right Corner: Best in
show went to a customized 1971
Ford Maverick with a 351.
Sunday, September 16th
10th Animal Shelter Car Show
Low clouds & fog started
the morning..but they
departed early to reveal a
beautiful sky and the
biggest turnout in all 10
years at Big Dawg.

Top Left: A rare and sexy
E-type Jaguar of the 1960s.

Above Left: GTOs
representing a major
transition from 1964 (left)
to 1965 (right).

Left & Right: nary a spot
was to be found as we
filled the lot to capacity.

Below: The Bradley
Family's '57 Pontiacs
included a 2 door on the
left and Safari on the right.
Friday, September 21st
Clouds were stubborn and
refused to clear out as
expected..but still, a very
big crowd helped kick off
the weekend.

Top Right Corner: A very
rare "flat top" 1960
Pontiac Ventura.

Far Left: That's Rick &
Lucille.."king and queen"
of this prom, as it were.

Near Left: Love the size
differential between the
'53 Nash & 1960 Cadillac.

Below: A modern muscle
Firebird up from NYC.
   Pontiac Cruise
Saturday, September 22nd
  Pontiac Show
With over 250 Pontiacs in
the show was the
biggest regional meet yet !

Top Left: Along with GPs,
Firebirds & Fieros, there
were rows of GTOs to see.

Above Left: Plenty of
Pontiac wagons, including
three '57s, a '68, '70 & '77.

Far Left: This "Goat" had its
own "mini-me" version.

Bottom Left: Plenty of cool
stuff for plate-watchers..

Below: The evening
banquet/award ceremony
was standing-room only !
Sunday, September 23rd
Fort Adams
  in the
Clouds and chilly temps did little to
stop folks from coming.  We wound
up with a near-record 500+ cars.

Top R
ight Corner: A superb
recreation of a curved dash Olds.

Above Left: This 1957 was breath-
takingly rare and truly stood out in
its classic, pastel 50s pink.

Lower Right: A pair of woody Ford
wagons, representing 1939 & '50.

Lower Far Left: One of America's
best-sellers ever..the '77 Cutlass.

Near Lower Left: Among the day's
winners was this 1958 "bug-eyed"
Sprite from Austin-Healey.