The 2018 season continues !
Look here for fresh pictures
each morning after.
Super-high humidity coupled
with the threat of t/showers
(which eventually chased us a
bit early) held back turnout to
around a thousand or so.

Above: A mid-60s Chevelle and
mid-70s TransAm hang
side-by-side on a sticky night.

Lower Left: A rare sight on any
American road is a French
Citroen.  This early 70s sample
was in fabulous shape.

Near Lower Right: Speaking of
European cars, how about this
middle-1960s Holden from
Australia ?  It's said the owner
himself is an Australian who
brought it to America with him
when he moved here.

Far Right: The Musa-mobile.  
Check out one sweet '72 of many ponies
on display for the evening.

Far Lower Right: Art's 1960
Cadillac sits at the end of a long
line of cool classics.

Below: Vega hot rod !!
Event Scene Photos
With the ever-present threat
of t/storms, turnout was still
a bit light..but what great
wheels we saw this night !

Above: The foreboding front
end of John R's 1968 Pontiac
Grand Prix, complete with
hideaway headlights.

Above Left: Jeff was showing
his '63 Dart GT ragtop.

Lower Left: Inside a '61 Buick.

Far Above Right: Love the
stacked lights on Chris P's
1968 Plymouth Fury III.

Far Lower Right: Tom L.
delighted the crowd by
bringing a 1923 Peerless.

Below: Just in case the heat
got out of hand, we had nearly
a full battalion on
hand..including Chris's Fire
Chief Ford Crown Victoria.

Bottom Right: Loads of ponies.
Finally..a decent night for
weather and the rides were
out to show in full force !

: A first generation
Pontiac Firebird in ragtop
form (this one, a '68)

Right: Wayne & Judy's '55
Mercury is a regular visitor to
the farm cruise night.  It
boasts rare factory air.

Far Lower Left: The world, as
seen from behind the wheel of
Peter's 1958 Edsel.

Lower Right: The 1977-79
Thunderbird was its best-
selling generation for Ford.

Lower Center: Steve F. and
the Zitos, hanging out in
Pontiac country.

Below: Tony & Ruth look out
over an active crowd.
Continued high
humidity and ever
present threat of
t/storms held
turnout down on this
particular evening.

Above Right: Ernie
H. showed the '71
AMX he has owned
since new.

Above Left: A dune
buggy hides itself
amongst the street
rods and each was
an impressive sight.

Lower Right: Art
rolled in with his
mild custom 1960
Cadillac coupe.

Far Left: Even with a
lighter was
still laughs & smiles
for everyone.

Weekend events
St. Eugene's
As hot & Sticky a day as
we've had this whole, hot
summer..but still a good
crowd this night.

Far Left: Never saw a
Monte Carlo that far off the
ground before !

Near Left: Glen's 1952
Jaguar replica with a 302.

Right: Inside the cockpit of
a 1964 Chevy Corvette.

Bottom Left: the big 3 for
1959..Walter's Chevy and
Ray's Ford surround
CruisinBruce's Plymouth.
Saturday, July 7th
Finally..delightful summer
conditions returned just in time
for a great day in south county.

Above Right: Always a favorite is
Cowboy Bob's 1967 "Chromaro."

Lower Right: Also from
Chevrolet's 1967 lineup came
this full-size 327-Impala.

Near Left: Getting a closer look.

Far Lower Left: This mighty little
Henry J was a gasser.  Literally !

Bottom Left Corner: Joe T (left)
and Rich G. pause to mug for the
camera on a beautiful summer

Bottom Right: Plenty of rods !
Sunday, July 8th
Couldn't have been nicer for the
47th annual show at Endicott
Estate in Dedham.  Big turnout !

Left: A '56 Nomad wagon comes
rolling in to a fast growing crowd

Near Right: A rare sight outside
the iron curtain is this Czech
built 1967 Tatra 2-603,
featuring an air-cooled V8.

Far Right: An actual car from the
filming of "Starsky & Hutch."

Far Lower Right: Courtesy of the
Heritage Museum was this 1916 of just 352 built.

Lower Left: Bay State club
president Drew S's '56 Ford.
Endicott Estate
Saturday, July 14th
Hogs &
Hot Rods
Nicest day for Hogs & Hot
Rods in years & years.  We
turned it into a great block
party full of cars & bikes.

Right: Yes, that's TWO
motors you see powering this
'23 T-Bucket.  Todd's creation.

Lower Right: Not often do you
see a pair of 1967 Cadillac
convertibles side-by-side.

Bottom Left Corner: A 1967
Olds Toronado with a V8-425.

Below: Rows of bikes nicely
aligned on one side with cars
& street rods on the other.
Saturday, July 21st
A simply fabulous day of sunshine,
moderate temps  low humidity made
for a great turnout at the church.

Top Right: A pair of first-year
(1958) convertible and
one hardtop.

Lower Right: A great afternoon for
reconnecting with old friends.

Above Near Right: Diane P. sits
guard over Brian P's '72 Olds 442.

Far Right: Greg's 1924 woody
station wagon.   Real wood, of course

Bottom Right: A super nice '64
Mustang, next to a '64 Chevy ragtop.
No Scituate
Saturday, July 21st
It was a busy night at URI..but
sadly, the weather allowed for
neither the balloons to lift or
fireworks to be shot off.

Top Right: Paul S. was one of
the night's top-picks with his
pristine 1931 Model A.

Far Left: Herbie dropped by !

Bottom Left: John brought both
of his late 70s Thunderbirds.

Lower Near Right; As original
as it gets was this 1952 Ford.

Bottom Right: Another of the
night's winners was this
first-year (1967) Cougar.
Sunday, July 29th
After a week of showers
and "the stickies," this
refreshing  day brought out
a record turnout to the show.

Above Far Right: Joe C's
1937 Pierce Arrow took
drivers' and peoples' choice !

Lower Far Left: A stock
original 1962 Plymouth tail.

Lower Right: The Mustang
crew was out in full force.

Below: Also a multi award
winner was this 1956
Pontiac convertible.

Bottom Right Corner: An
early 60s Hawk and early
70s Chevy pickup.
Sunday, August th
The heat was on in full force...still, a very
respectably sized crowd came out in support
of this great car event to benefit local kids.

Top Right: Looking past John's Firebird and
Fred's F-series truck at a near-full show field.

Far Left: This 1946 Hudson is new to the scene

Right: A very rare sight is this Chevrolet bus.  
A spectator-favorite on the's a 1939.

Bottom Left: Richard's '67 Cadillac convertible.

Bottom Right Corner: Matt D's '64 Dynamic 88.
Sept  30     Downshifters Show at Matt's Blackboard in Plumb Corner on Rt 105 in Rochester, MA 9a-2p      (508) 763-0576